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Regardless of the role/vacancy/opportunity, our clients are looking for the best possible candidates in the market to fill them. These candidates are what we refer to as Pivots.

Definition of Pivot:
  • A person or thing that plays a central part in an activity or organization: synonyms:center, focus, hub, heart, nucleus.
  • A well recruited individual that fits the culture, role and future.
  • A key employee, a person that enhances your business.
  • A key hire provided by Pivot Staffing.

At Pivot Staffing, we fill 99% of our client’s roles through traditional headhunting techniques and personal networking. The majority of high calibre, high potential talent/pivots do not apply to job postings or place their resumes on job boards. The true value we offer is in being able to find and engage these candidates in a meaningful conversation. Our understanding of market conditions, candidate motivations and the opportunities that exist within our client’s organizations lay the foundation for a successful placement.

Recruiting Specialties
  • Executive Search
  • Sales Recruiting
  • Professional Services Staffing
  • IT Recruiting
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Our Team

Kevin has 21 years experience as a Recruiter, Account Executive, Professional Services Manager and VP of Sales in staffing and recruiting.
Throughout his career as a Professional Search Consultant he has recruited roles of all levels and many different disciplines.
Having hired hundreds of professionals within the recruiting industry and thousands more individuals directly placed into management, business development, sales, marketing, accounting, finance, software development,and information technology he has learned that not all placements are equal and that hiring the right personality type for your role can really drive your business forward and the wrong placement can be a costly exercise.
These experiences have been coalesced into Pivot’s interviewing and testing practices to provide client companies with the direct placements they need and deserve.
Kevin has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Carleton University. Kevin spends a lot of his free time as a volunteer soccer coach.
Kevin Hamann is on Twitter, and LinkedIn

Kevin Hamann

Courtney has 14 years experience as a Recruiter, Account Executive, Marketing Director and Director of Business Operations in staffing and recruiting.
Throughout his career as a Professional Search Consultant he has recruited roles of all levels and many different disciplines.

“Why would a company want to use our staffing services?”
“Why would a candidate be interested in this career opportunity?”
“Why would a client or candidate choose to do business with us over our competitors?”
“Why do I do what I do?”

To understand the Why is to understand the true motivation/s behind decision making.  It is through this lens that Courtney has built market-driven sourcing strategies and systematic business processes for hiring top talent for start ups to fortune 100’s.

These experiences have led to the creation of Pivot’s performance based interviewing process which qualifies and quantifies high potential, high performing, and highly engaged candidates.
Courtney has a Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree from McMaster University. He is a sports and outdoor enthusiast and keeps in game form by chasing his two young children around.
Courtney is on Twitter, and LinkedIn

Courtney Smith

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