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Top 3 Interview Objectives – Job-seeker

The interview boils down to 3 objectives: Get all the information you need to be informed enough to say yes or no if you receive an offer Impress upon the interviewer/s that you have the relevant skills, experience and ability/potential to deliver what they are looking for Physically and verbally demonstrate your interest in the position and organization Expanding on

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Basic Income and Being in the Wrong Job

I recently joined the (Basic Income Canada Network) on Linkedin because I think a Basic Income is good policy for many reasons. Most often we hear about Basic Income as an income security tool to lift people on the lower end of the economic ladder out of poverty and provide them with job dignity and a better quality of life. 

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Are you ready for your interview?

Interviewing hasn’t changed very much over the last 30 years (maybe longer but that would require someone older than me to tell the tale). You sit down with someone, they ask you questions, maybe give you a test and then let you ask questions. The interviewer then has to figure out if you can do the job and will you

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Hiring is a leap of faith!

Take the Leap Today!

Hiring is a leap of faith no matter how many steps are in the process. Someone may have all the skills and experience required but if they don’t have the temperament

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